Growing up with musics of my brothers and sisters listened to.

I began to be the DJ for their parties, soon, I started to play in clubs, organize parties and make some radio.

Then at 18 years, my family gave me the choice of the army or to get a suitable job...


By coincidence, at the same time, I met Patrice Keff, chief Engineer of Miraval residential studio, and I move straight to Paris where I start in a small studio doing the cleaning….

This was my actual birth.

So, I was born in a studio, I grew up in a studio, I built several studios and now I have my own personal one.

For the last 32 years, my work allowed me to meet many different musicians, singers and groups as an Engineer, mixer and producer.

During the London calling show of 2008 Vincent Bordier, head of believe2UK, gave me the opportunity to open a record label.

Today my time is split between the artists I produce for my label and my work as Engineer Producer.

Nko-G continues to produce, write and arrange songs.


Incomplete list of achievements and contributions by Nicolas Garin

Unless otherwise, Engineer: Nicolas Garin

110 HZ MANIAC Bollycoder TRANSIENT DRIVE 2013 Engineer : Nicolas Garin
ALPHABETICAL Rusted Gold STUDIO 180 2013
ALPHA BLONDY Révolution EMI (Abbey Road) 1987 includes "Sweet Fanta Dialo"
ALPHONSE SOUMAH No commissar MANOIR 1997 Producers Christian Richard & Nicolas Garin
ANNE CLARCK We should come MUSIKA 1990 Producers Mark Ferda & Nicolas Garin
BERTIGNAC et LES VISITEURS Rocks MEGA 1993 Producer Jim Gaines includes "Tout le monde ment"
BLONDE AMER Si jamais DAVOUT 1993 Producer Martin Rushent
BOB BROZMAN Slide agogo MUSIKA 1988 includes "le blues des martyrs"
DEPECHE MODE Music for the masses GUILLAUME TELL 1987 Assistant Mix strange love, Engineer et Producer : David Bascombe
DIANE TELL Faire a nouveau connaissance MARCADET 1986 Producer & Engineer : Andy Scott, assitant Engineer: Nicolas Garin
DON CHERRY Home Boy CAROLINE 1985 Assistant-Sound Engineer
ELVIRA CACCIA Le Minimum Run Fast 2013 Producers D. Salsedo
EMMA DAUMAS Effets secondaires PLUS TRENTE 2005 Producers D. Salsedo- Fabien Caen
ETIENNE DAHO Mix Duel au soleil MARCADET 1986 Engineer: Jean-Philippe Bonichon, Assitant: Nicolas Garin, Producers : Arnold Turboust & Rico Conning
ERIKAROL Victoria MUSIKA 1989 Engineer & Producer: Nicolas Garin, Victoria Records
FRANCE GALL Live Olympia LE VOYAGEUR TROIS 1997 Drums and bass from the new power generation keyboard David Soucious
FRANCIS CABREL Il faudra leur dire MARCADET 1986 Real : Gliksman Augier
GUESH PATTY Labyrinthe MUSIKA 1988 includes "Etienne"
HEAVEN 17 Let me go MARCADET 1986 Producer : Peter Walsh, Engineer: Peter Walsh, Assistant : Nicolas Garin
J FIVE Sweet little nothing 180 2004 includes "Modern Times"
JEANNE FOSTIN Le privilège TWIN 1991 Producer : Tony Mansfield
JERKY TURKEY Cowboy planet MUSIKA 1999 Producers : Jerky Turkey & Nicolas Garin
JERKY TURKEY S.T. LE MANOIR 1997 Producers : Jerky Turkey & Nicolas Garin
JOE HIGGS Stepping razor - Sun is shinning MUSIKA 1995 Remix : Joachim Garraud & Nicolas Garin
JUNE Change 180 2006 Producers : Alain Deporidis & Nicolas Garin
KRISTEL ADAMS Album Gospel MUSIKA 2000 Producer : Nicolas Neidhart
L'AFFAIRE LOUIS TRIO Chic planète MARCADET 1987 Assistant-Sound Engineer : Nicolas Garin
L'AFFAIRE LOUIS TRIO Nous on a tout ça MUSIKA 1993 Remix : Joachim Garraud
LE DEUTSCH Time Travels TRANSIENT DRIVE 2013 Engineer : Nicolas Garin
LES CLAMS Histoire qu'on ? LE MANOIR 1994 Producer : Nicolas Garin
LES TIMIDES Un monde parfait MANOIR 1998 Producer : Nicolas Garin
LES WOODOOS Magicien d'Oz LE MANOIR 1995 Producers : Patrick Levy & Nicolas Garin
LIO Pop Model MARCADET 1986 Assistant-Sound Engineer
LITTLE BOB STORY Wanderer for lovers CAROLINE 1985 Assistant-Sound Engineer
LIVING IN TEXAS Believe DAVOUT 1991 Producer Steve Forward
LYTA VARDA Ya rien qui presse Qu'est-ce que tu vas voir MUSIKA 1997 Producers : Arnaud Aubaille, Chico Siméon, Nicolas Garin
MAGIC SYSTEM Amoulanga TWIN 2000 Producer : Nicolas Neidhart
MALOU Mixacultura TWIN 1990 Producer : Philippe Chauvaux
MANU DIBANGO Afrijazzy MARCADET 1986 Producer : Ray Leyma Assistant-Sound Engineer
MATT MURDOCK America DAVOUT 1988 Remix Extended
MARVA WRIGHT Born with the blues MUSIKA 1993 Engineer: Nicolas Garin, Producer : Philippe Le Bras
MICHAEL JONES A consommer sans modération LE MANOIR 1997 Producer : Christophe Deschamp
MORY KANTE A Paris CAROLINE 1984 Producer : Aboudou Lassini
NKO-G & MELRITCH UP STUDIO 180 2009 Feats J-Jamison. Remix : DJ Fudje
NKO-G Track TRANSIENT DRIVE 2012 Producer : Nicolas Garin
NKO-G ET SHKOUN ADOUMA Leo TRANSIENT DRIVE 2013 Producer : Nicolas Garin
NORMA RAY Tous les maux d'Amour MUSIKA 1999 includes "Tous les maux d'Amour"
N&M Electric Dreams DIGITAL AUDIO 2008 Producers & Composers : Nicolas Garin & Stevieh
ORELIE KONATE Changer les mots MUSIKA 2002 Producer : Nicolas Neidhart
PARTENAIRE PARTICULIER Album Live STUDIO 180 2013 Producer : Nicolas Neidhart
POP STAR 2003 Link up POLYGONE 2003 Producer : Nicolas Neidhart
POP STAR 2003 Diadems POLYGONE 2003 Producer : Nicolas Neidhart
PUNKY PI Made in cave MAINVILLE 2009 Producer : Nicolas Garin
SANTELLI Dieu que la terre est belle MUSIKA 2001 Producer : Nicolas Garin
SCREAMIN' RACHEL Love you to night MUSIKA 93-96 Chicago track
SHKOUN HADOUMA Mix Houria DIGITAL AUDIO 2011 Producers : Shkoun Hadouma & Nicolas Garin
SINGE DE DIEU Tout est mortel LE MANOIR 1996 Producers : Singe de Dieu & Nicolas Garin. includes "Tout est mortel"
SOSTHENE Early early TRANSIENT DRIVE 2012 Producer & Engineer Emmanuel de Miscault & Nicolas Garin.
SPACE Fantasm MARCADET 1991 Producer : Steven Short. Assistant-Sound Engineer : Nicolas Garin.
STEVE ALLEN The look of love MEGA 1988 Producer Peter Murray
SUPA HATAZ Dancing BROADKAST 2011 Producer : Wax. Mix : Nicolas Garin
TAHOE Diopside TRANSIENT DRIVE 2013 Engineer : Nicolas Garin
THE GAME Under the white bible law MUSIKA 1990 Producers : Chris Nagle & Nicolas Garin
THE WAVENGERS Feat. CHARLOTTE so what's & Loose TRANSIENT DRIVE 2013 Producers : Nicolas Garin & Emmanuel de Miscault
TONY TRUANT Your room is ready sir LE MANOIR 1989 Producer : Mark Ferda
TONY TRUANT ET LES DIGNES DINDONS Pupille mon œil DAVOUT-MUSIKA 1994 Producers : Dignes Dindons & Nicolas Garin